An Introvert Does Marketing Part 2 of 4: An introvert does social media…kind of

Kathryn Reichheld
5 min readNov 29, 2022

I am one week into my new marketing plan and I feel exposed at the same time as feeling I “should” be doing more. I’d like to throw out the word “should” right now because the introvert in me thinks I’m doing quite enough thank-you-very-much. I can feel the anxiety come up as I’m writing this article. This whole idea of putting myself “out there” seemed okay as an idea, but in practice it feels totally different, and kind of icky.

Take social media for example. It’s all about putting out content and shares about my personal story and innermost thoughts, or pictures of my cat, or things I’m about to eat; letting viewers in on a little bit about me. And if it’s me looking at their posts, sometimes, I honestly just don’t want to know. Yet, these are the kinds of posts that can generate a lot of engagement.

Marketing is one of those things in the past, that I would’ve been happy to advise other people on what to do (like ask a stranger for directions), and really not want to do it myself. What has got me posting lately is the fact that I’ve written a goal down as part of my marketing strategy. And in the case of a vulnerable personal share of an idea I had recently, something just came over me, and all of a sudden, the thing was up. It was uncharacteristically serious in nature, and some of the comments made me wonder if people thought there was something going on with me. But hey, I got comments! People engaged with my post, and no matter what they thought of what I posted, they were engaged. Let’s call that a win.

After that long, vulnerable, personal share, I didn’t feel like posting again the next day. I’m a bit of a rebel that way. If I don’t want to post, I don’t! Wanna see more of me? Too bad! Not today! Now that I think of it, I’m not really rebelling. I’m introverting. It’s a real thing and I do it all the time. Blocking out the outside world, real or otherwise (ahem…social media) is great for my writing process. For example, I signed out of all social media accounts I have as well as my email and started writing this article. It works to create boundaries.

I think that creating boundaries about how much I’m willing to share on social media and when, and taking days off from it when the feeling strikes me (i.e. I need to) actually helps with consistency. As an introvert with a strong will to protect myself, if I didn’t do that I wouldn’t post at all. Then, the only reason I’d…